ALAS MECCANICA – Costruzioni meccaniche

Founded in 1976, ALAS MECCANICA is specialized in mechanical precision processing, in particular shafts for centrifugal pumps and ball valves designing and construction.

Transmission Shafts for Centrifugal machines

Alas have 30 years of experience and is specialized in manufacturing and complete supply of shaft for centrifugal machines up to a length of 5.500 mm in all types of steel and special alloys.

Ball Valves - Side Entry

Alas designs, manufactures and tests floating and trunnion ball valves in the standard version and in special version with applications such as metal to metal sealing, antoblowout stem and low emissions seals, stem extension, cryogenic applications, satisfying any requirement of the customer.

Ball Valves - Top Entry

ALAS developed an advanced project of top-entry ball valves with forged body construction. This solution has the same cost of casting body version, but it ensures a higher standard quality and shorter delivery times.

Compact Valves

Alas designs, manufactures and tests compact ball valves used for offshore and subsea field where space and weight are critical with high pressure needs. Alas compact valves are completely custom made.


ALAS has a qualified staff and is equipped with the latest technology to perform non destructive and dimensional test on all the parts of its production.


Work organization in the machining division of Alas was created and based on a certified full quality management system. Mission of this system is to maximize customer satisfaction and meet the customer requirements.


ALAS Meccanica is qualified in according to ASME IX for some welding processes (TIG, MIG, MAG) and is equipped with a welding room and all the instruments necessary to check welding parameters.



Three Reasons to Choose ALAS Meccanica!

Reliability and speed in Delivery

1Our flexibility allows us to meet any
Customer’s request and have delivery times
very fast.

Professionality and Quality of Service

2The experience gained
over the years, thanks to partnership with clients
such as GE Nuovo Pignone allowed us to reach
a level of excellence in all the services and
products offered by Alas.

Customer Satisfaction

3The Alas mission is to satisfy
all the needs and requiremets of customer.
Our stories and our references are the best business card.